Travelling waves of auto-catalytic chemical reaction of gene

2010年06月18日 14:38  

标题: Travelling waves of auto-catalytic chemical reaction of general order 

开始时间: 2010062110 
持续时间: 1小时30分钟 

主讲人: Professor Yuanwei Qi, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816, United States 

活动地点: 创新园大厦(大黑楼) A-1101 
主办单位: bg视讯 

简介: In this talk we study the existence and non-existence of travelling wave to parabolic system a degenerate nonlinearity (auto-catalytic chemical reaction). Explicit bounds are derived. Furthermore, the necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for the existence of travelling wave solutions. The related estimates improve significantly that of early works. Another case in which two different orders of isothermal auto-catalytic chemical reactions are involved is also studied with interesting new results proved. 


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